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When Dependability & Reliability Count

Is maintenance a priority? Sloan Lubrication Systems delivers the most convenient and reliable box lubricator pumps on the market.

Our pump features a built in priming port, eliminating the need to disconnect tube fittings to prime after lube box maintenance. All you need to do is open the port. A hardened, black nitride coating and machined steel components translate into a pump that’s extremely corrosion-resistant. An elastomer seal on the piston helps keep the coating present in the bore for reliable performance, even after 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000 cycles.

Learn more about Sloan Lubrication Systems’ pumps and keep your lubrication system up and running. Read more HERE.

Did You Know?
We gave a live demonstration of our TriCip Lubrication System at the Virtual GMC 2020 on Tuesday, October 13. This field tested and proven technology is changing the industry by helping pipelines increase gas flow, reduce pigging, prevent clogged regulators, lower oil usage and minimize environmental impact.

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