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Update Your Lubrication System & Stay Safe

Why It’s Important to Update Your System

Lubrication system updates and maintenance upkeep is your best insurance – it’s a low premium cost versus the high cost of compressor failure and process stoppage.

Sloan's Watchman Lubrication System

Sloan’s Watchman Lubrication System

Sloan Lubrication is working hard every day to build safe and reliable lubricators. Maintaining your lubrication system so it remains in tip-top shape is necessary for health and environmental safety and to reduce emergency repair costs.

Our President and CEO Walter Sloan says, “It is easy to recognize the importance of proper and protected lubrication for rotating and reciprocating machinery. Operating efficiency, reliability, cleanliness and just plain “cool running” are among those benefits.”

But, it’s also important to update your engine or compressor lubrication system from a safety standpoint.

“Lubrication failure can cause violent machinery failure and possible injury, so it is vital that components are in verified and tested operating condition,” said Sloan.

Over lubrication can cause serious issues in valves, receivers and downstream piping. Oil accumulation, especially in plant air systems, has caused serious explosions, injury and even death.

“Even leaking components can cause issues around a machine, not only from an environmental safety standpoint, but there are dangerous slip and fall risks that come with this issue as well,“ said Sloan.

How to Update Your Lubrication System

When machines stop, problems start – costly and unsafe problems. Lubrication emergencies happen when we least expect them. A pump breaks down and it causes system failure.

To prevent these lubrication emergencies from occurring, make sure your entire lubrication system is in pristine working condition, not just one aspect of lubrication.

It’s important to keep your system up-to-date. You wouldn’t want to drive around in a 1999 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight constantly worrying if it will break down on your commute to work, putting you into an unsafe and inconvenient situation. Think of your lubrication system in the same way.

If you need to update your lubrication system, turn to Sloan Lubrication. We develop, manufacture, and install our own components. Our technicians can travel to your site and install your complete new system.

Sloan's Watchman Lubrication System

Sloan’s Watchman Lubrication System

We also recommend these annual maintenance updates:

  • Yearly filter changes
  • Yearly testing of divider sections and blocks
  • Yearly pressure testing and verification of all 24/7 operation          applications
  • Yearly complete replacement of the most important hydraulic components for very critical and/or high-pressure applications: pumps, divider blocks, and check valves

Sloan Lubrication is your best source for lubrication products and parts when it comes times to update your lubrication system.

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