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TriCip Lubrication System
Valve Replacement Reduced by 75%

Benefits of TriCip

Oil Consumption

  • Over 90% reduction from OEM recommended rates
  • For larger 6 throw machines, this can be over 3000 gallons / year!

Valve Life

  • Field trials ~75% reduction in valve replacements after 12 months

Site Liability

  • No outdoor storage tanks with truck deliveries, bulk transfers
  • Less spill liability


  • Built with proven long-life Sloan components
  • Drive Box, pumps, divider blocks, check valves


  • Drive box has redundant parallel always-on pumps
  • If one fails, system automatically compensates

Operator Visibility

  • Clear, easy to read and understand screen
  • One glance status light on cabinet


  • No climbing over the auxiliary end piping of machines to service lube systems

IoT Communications

  • Web portal
  • Email alerts
  • Digital comms with unit PLC / station SCADA systems

The purpose of the TriCip solution is to:

  • Guarantee delivery of precise amounts of specially designed lubricating fluid to compressor cylinder and packing at drastically reduced rates
  • Do so automatically with added connectivity and intelligence
  • Simplify the end-to-end supply chain for fluids while minimizing site liability and potential for spills

Target Markets

Reciprocating Gas Compressors

  • Reduction of oil consumption (5-15 gallons / day savings PER COMPRESSOR)

Gas Transmission

  • Reduce pipeline contamination, potential pigging intervals

Gas Processing

  • Reduction of process contamination. Amine (sour gas removal), Glycol (Dehydration)

Gas Gathering

  • Lessen Dehydration contamination

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