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The Product That Started It All

Sloan Lubrication Systems, or Sloan Brothers at the time, built the first Watchman prototype for ALCOA. In that same year, JAWS premiered in theaters nationwide, Saturday Night Live debuted on NBC, the Pittsburgh Steelers were marching towards their first of six Super Bowl wins, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. The year was 1975. Forty-five years later, the Watchman is still going strong.

Before 1975, Sloan Lubrication Systems shipped components to our customers and provided guidance on assembly. We then made the decision to ship fully assembled and tested units to make our customers’ lives easier – the Watchman was born.

Through the years, the Watchman has advanced to meet the evolving needs of our clients and there are thousands of units currently operating in the field. To this day, we take such pride in this workhorse that we take a photo (a Polaroid in the early days) of every unit shipped. We still only use the best quality components in each and every Watchman with all of the parts manufactured right here in Pittsburgh. Sloan Lubrication Systems’ commitment to quality and innovation continues to be at the forefront of our company’s mission over four generations. Learn More >

For more specific detail regarding our Watchman System, click HERE.

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