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The All Knowing, Wizard

Imagine for a minute that there is a tool that allows you to easily track total oil consumption for multiple zones. A tool that alerts you and provides automatic shutdown if flow rates drop. A tool that is smart enough to track oil consumption and provides data that allows you to get back online safely and quickly. A tool that is sophisticated, reliable, durable, and yet easy to use. It might sound like magic, but it’s actually a Wizard…

The Wizard Monitor from Sloan Lubrication Systems

The Wizard Monitor is by far the best standalone monitor on the market… period. With its easily programmable and bright 3½ inch color LCD touch screen display, The Wizard provides you with clear accurate information about the status of your system. More than just a monitor, The Wizard Monitor is a powerful tool for compressor lubrication system optimization.

Demand the highest quality components to protect your critical lubricated equipment. Demand The Wizard Monitor. Read more HERE.

For The Wizard Monitor Spec Sheet, Click Here.

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