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Installation & Maintenance

Sloan installs your system and keeps you going.


Expert Sloan Lubrication technicians visit your site and install your complete new system, from start to finish. They mount all components, run new stainless steel tubing, and purge and fully test every aspect of operation. They work directly with your electricians.

And once your system is installed, Sloan Lubrication handles your maintenance needs, scheduling regular maintenance or taking over maintenance completely, whatever works best for you.

Maintaining your lubrication systems in tip-top shape usually requires very little regular upkeep:

  • We recommend yearly filter changes.
  • We recommend yearly testing of divider sections and blocks.
  • We recommend yearly pressure testing and verification of all 24/7 operation applications.
  • We recommend yearly complete replacement of the most important hydraulic components for very critical and/or high-pressure applications: pumps, divider blocks, and check valves.

System maintenance is your best insurance –a low premium cost versus the cost of compressor failure and process stoppage.