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Emergency Repair

Call us for help!


In case of system emergency, contact us! We will respond and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

When you call or email Sloan Lubrication, you reach an informed, experienced professional who will help you troubleshoot the problem and find the optimal solution. If you need parts, we identify the need and immediately ship the appropriate components to ensure next-day delivery. We have built complete, new custom lubrication systems one afternoon and had our techs install it on-site, across the country, the next day!

Sloan Lubrication’s response is always thorough, courteous, and effective – whether or not you bought your current system from us. But we may make suggestions to prevent a repeat of your lubrication emergency. We can recommend stock spare components or suggest changes in operating conditions, and we’ll evaluate your lubrication system design and applications.

Contact us to discuss our maintenance and design services to make sure your system is running as optimally as possible. Because what we like even better than fixing an emergency is preventing one from happening at all.