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Original Equipment Manufacturer

Keep your existing systems running smoothly with Sloan!


Sloan Lubrication provides Original Equipment Manufacturers of reciprocating and rotary compressors, pumps, processing equipment, and lubricators, with complete, assembled lubrication systems. In addition, we supply the highest-quality, application-specific components, kitted by make and model, to make your supply chain simpler and more cost-effective. (You can even maintain an on-site inventory and pay when you use them!)

Our consulting services for OEMs include system upgrade recommendations, new product development, and engineering services.

If you are running an OEM lubricator, we stock many of the most common original lubricator designs, and we’ll keep you going. If you have an obsolete model or design, we can suggest an alternative or an electric motor-driven unit to do the job, or recommend new and better products to improve your system. We can make your older lubricators more accurate, more reliable, and longer lasting.