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Natural Gas

Sloan boosts the lubrication efficiency of the energy industry.


Natural gas well drilling is providing relatively inexpensive and easily transportable energy resources, boosting local economies where resources have sometimes been scarce. CNG compressors are vital to this process, and Sloan Lubrication has the expertise and inventory to keep your compressors up and running. We can provide integral engine/compressor units, shaft-driven reciprocating compressors, rotary vane fuel gas boosters, skid-mounted and permanent production units, and trituplex or quintuplex piston pumps.

Sloan conducts on-site evaluations of your system, and then we make rate recommendations to reduce your lube rates, minimizing oil waste and carbon buildup. We can upgrade your existing systems, test their efficiency, and provide operating and maintenance training for all personnel. Or we can design complete lubrication systems tailored to your specific requirements.

Because of our location in the heart of Western Pennsylvania, we are uniquely positioned to provide system design, regular maintenance, and reliable emergency service when needed for the Marcellus shale industry.

<case study: Dominion>Dominion Gas boasts a long history of proven solutions from Sloan.

<case study: Columbia> Columbia Gas relies on Sloan’s products and expertise.