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Sloan Lubrication systems - keeping the earth clean.


Sloan Lubrication provides lubrication systems for reciprocating and rotary pumps, and compressors vital in water treatment and landfill and waste gas recovery operations. Most systems in use today over-lubricate the machines they serve, and excess oil delivery is wasteful at every step —buying it, delivering it, and recovering it.  Sloan Lubrication can design and custom-build a lubrication system that delivers continuous, accurate, and protected lubrication to your pumps & compressors, guaranteeing optimal performance with relatively minimal maintenance. With such accurate delivery and monitoring, you can reduce your lube rates and feel confident that your system is protected.

And the large tank capacity and electronic protection of the Sloan Lubrication System allows unattended and reliable operation for a month or more, for landfills and sites in remote locations.

<case study: Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission> The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission has smoothly-running water treatment compressors.