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Compressor Services

What do you need to make your compressors run better?


Sloan Lubrication offers lubrication system parts for critical overhauls, technical services for rebuilders, system upgrades, and protected lubrication systems for conditional warranties. And if you ask us to equip your reciprocal or rotary compressor with a Sloan Lubrication System, you will be happy with the results!

We guarantee that when you call Sloan Lubrication you always speak with a highly qualified professional who understands your problem and provides immediate recommendations, or gets back to you within a short timeframe. Our sales engineers can visit your facility to work with you for the support and outcome you need. And Sloan provides on-site training for your personnel on YOUR equipment.

<case study Alliant Tech Systems> Alliant Tech Systems recognizes huge savings through lower oil consumption and less need for maintenance.