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Cement & Aggregates

Sloan paves the way for efficient lubrication during cement manufacturing.


Cement companies operate dozens of compressors to handle and transport cement dust during the manufacturing process. If the lubrication rate lags, or the system fails  – belts break, pumps quit, and sometimes people forget to fill the lubricator boxes – the compressor seizes. Automated systems with reliable monitoring and regular maintenance reduce and prevent catastrophic breakdowns.

Sloan designs and builds their Lubrication Systems to deliver accurate, automatic, and protected lubricant to compressors, pumps, and bulk material manufacturing, loading and handling, and pulverizing equipment. We offer regular maintenance and provide on-site overhauls, upgrades, testing, and lube rate evaluation and verification.

<case study: Alpha Portland Cement>  Alpha Portland Cement compressors are almost never in the repair shop – and never for lubrication issues!