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Reduced Oil Consumption Cleans the Pipeline and the Air as Well

Company: Columbia Gas

Industry: Natural Gas

Services: Consulting, Design & Installation

Products: Divider Blocks

The Problem

Keith Schaefer, from Columbia Gas Kenova Compressor Station in West Virginia, asked Sloan Brothers to assist him in reviewing his lubrication rates on four Cooper Bessemer GMWA8-2 engine-driven compressors. These eight-cylinder units develop 2,000 HP at 250 RPM and drive two 18″ bore x 20″ stroke compressor cylinders.

Sloan Brothers first worked with this Columbia Gas compressor station in 1964. At the time, the recommended lubrication rates were 64 pints per 24 hours to the power cylinders and 24 pints per 24 hours to the compressor throws.

The Solution

Sloan Brothers began the rate reviews by pressure-testing the lubrication system components to verify that they were in good condition, particularly the divider blocks. In order to enable lubrication rate reduction it is imperative that these metering devices make accurate deliveries at the lower volumes. As a result, many were replaced with Sloan Brothers SB series to ensure the most accurate deliveries possible at lower rates.

Pump capacities were addressed, terminal check valves replaced, and with the new divider blocks, the lube rates were reduced to 55 pints per 24 hours to power and 14 pints per day to compressor. This was a good start, but Keith was still concerned about carbon buildup in his power cylinder ports and oil carryover to the downstream pipeline.

The Result

Due to the accuracy and dependability of the new SB divider blocks, Keith was eventually comfortable adjusting deliveries down to 38 pints per day to power and 6 pints per day to compressor, resulting in yearly oil savings of $3,707. Comparing 1964 rates to today, that is more than five gallons of oil each day that isn’t being burned and spewed out the exhaust stack as smoke or sent down the pipeline where it must be removed as hazardous waste.

As a bonus, cylinder liners, rings, riders and other wear components also lasted much longer between overhauls. All these improvements were made possible with just a few tweaks and the reliability of Sloan Brothers products and expertise.

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