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Part # SB-MO-Wizard-V

Sloan uses the highest quality components for our Watchman System, and when commercially available options proved unsuitable, we developed and manufactured our own.


Wizard Software Update Procedure

Wizard Update Revision 4 - 04/2017

SB-MO-WIZARD-JIC  Wizard Monitor: standard pushbutton TDS

SB-MO-WIZARD-XP  Wizard Monitor: explosion-proof TDS

SB-MO-Wizard-JIC-Assembly    Wizard Monitor: JIC box, standard pushbutton TDS

SB-MO-WIZARD-XP-Assembly  Wizard Monitor: XP box, XP TDS

SB-MO-WizardSpares   Wizard Monitor spare parts

Wizard Monitor

Wizard V Monitor Operation and Maintenance Manual

  • Four-zone simultaneous flow rate display
  • Simple programming & setup with 3-½ inch color LCD
  • Tracks & displays total oil delivery
  • Communicates with all PLC systems
  • Continuous log file recording
  • Signals a failure to an alarm upon system blockage
  • Provides automatic shutdown alarm signal to compressor control