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“Revolutionary” Oil Recovery System

Part # SLS-ORS

  • Recovers oil from packing and distance piece drain lines
  • Reuse oil by returning to supply, or send to existing waste tank
  • 20-40% potential oil reuse on typical compressor packages
  • Eliminates mistakes made when manually venting storage vessels
  • Vent to atmosphere, VRU, or flare system
  • 5-gallon tank capacity, powder coated inside and out
  • Instrument gas or air operated, up to 300 PSI supply, integrated regulator
  • Integrated float control in tank, 2.75 gallon “swing”
  • 3-micron water absorbing filter element
  • 1/2” drain and large tank cleanout for servicing
  • Provision for high and low level float switches for alarms
  • Catch basin tray available (125% of tank capacity, powder coated steel)
  • Pressure gauges on air/gas supply and filter
  • All stainless hardware