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Sloan Lubrication was the first to apply new divider block technology to air and gas compressors, making the protected, accurate lubrication delivery a reality.


Then a complete lubrication system shipped as a “kit” of loose components – tank, pump, divider block and accessories. We functioned as a vendor between clients and manufacturing plants, and the customer installed their own systems under our direction. But then Sloan decided that installation should be simpler: why didn’t we build and pre-assemble the individual components into one package? In January 1975, the first Watchman Lubrication System prototype was designed for Alcoa by John Sloan.


Sloan Lubrication refined our Watchman System as client needs evolved. We lowered the tank for easier filling, we dropped the pump, and raised the control panel. Components improved also: the manifolded divider block evolved into the current modular design with individually replaceable piston sections; the mechanical flow meter was replaced first with a sensor with odometer counter and timing circuit, and then with the current Wizard Monitor, which displays the actual delivered flow rate.


Sloan’s Watchman Lubrication System uses the highest quality pumps, filters, switches, and check valves. And where commercially available options proved unsuitable, we decided to develop and manufacture our own components. Today’s Watchman Lubrication System – the original packaged lubrication system – is a Sloan Brothers exclusive.


Trust Sloan to design the perfect lubrication system for your needs.

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