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A pump can make or break your lubrication system. When a pump’s breakdown causes system failure, call Sloan. We evaluate your pump – whatever its manufacturer or provenance – and recommend the best pump style for your application. We help you decide if the pump needs to be replaced, and we can design the perfect pump for your applications.


Box lubricator pumps are mounted in a reservoir and driven by a cam on a shaft. We offer pumps with various piston sizes and operating speeds for different applications, depending on your required  volumes.


Vacuum pumps feature a sight glass where you can count delivery drops and adjust outputs accordingly. These pumps supply their own oil from their reservoirs. Vacuum pumps are generally used for applications in which each pump serves one lubrication point and no delivery protection is required.


Pressurized supply pumps receive their oil from an overhead (or pressurized) source, typically feeding a network of divider blocks which then distribute positive displacements of oil to the various lube points. These systems are usually electronically monitored for delivery protection.


Sloan is committed to providing the absolute highest-quality pumps, to ensure total customer satisfaction.


We give your system the muscle it needs.

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