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Proper initial design of a custom lubrication system is imperative, so Sloan Lubrication uses a tested formula to calculate required lubrication rates for each application and then apply the components best suited to deliver those rates.


At Sloan Lubrication, we design a system from the ground up: evaluating the optimum lubrication rate, then examining the supply, pump specs, drive speed, and output capacity. Downstream, we evaluate filtration, the divider network, indicators, and monitors, and then follow every oil line to its end, to see what has to happen there. At each stage of the system, we apply the precisely accurate component to perform and run optimally. The end result is a custom-designed system that does EXACTLY what you need it to do.


Sloan Lubrication’s obsessive attention to detail and our expertise in the art and science of lubrication ensures total customer satisfaction.


How much oil is your lubrication system pumping?

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