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Sloan Lubrication manufactures our exclusive SB series divider blocks. They are the highest-quality divider blocks in the world – because they have the best piston fits possible. How do we know? Because we routinely test a variety of blocks, to prove there is no comparison.


The pump is the heart of our Lubrication Systems and divider blocks are the arteries, carrying the total flow of lubricant and dividing it to be delivered to all of the lubrication points. Divider blocks come in many makes and models, each designed for a specific purpose, from low-pressure and low-flow grease applications to high-flow, high-pressure duties. Sloan Lubrication’s focus is low-flow, high-pressure applications in compressors and engines, and we know that piston geometry and fit are critical.


In a divider block, the pump flow can move only one piston at a time. That piston moves, making one oil delivery down one line, and its movement valves the pump flow to move the next piston, and so on. There can be anywhere from one to eighteen (or more) outlets from one divider block; each piston has a fixed stroke and diameter, calculating proper oil displacement. When piston fit begins to wear, adjusting the stroke will not compensate. As the piston-to-bore clearance increases, the oil slides past the piston to lower-pressure areas in the block, depriving  downstream points of necessary lubrication.


You want the best possible product to provide a service that critical to your operations. You’ll get that product from Sloan Lubrication.


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