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Plan for Prevention

It isn’t widely known that Ben Franklin’s famous quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” was actually about fire safety. This mindset was the catalyst to the 1736 formation of one of the first volunteer fire departments in the United States. The idea behind the quote is that a few inexpensive preventative measures can save you from significant costs and heartache.

This same philosophy translates to the critical wear components in your lubrication systems. Know that Sloan Lubrication Systems is here to help ensure that your systems stay operational and performing at maximum efficiency.

Nate Henry, Seven-Year Service Technician

The overall reliability of your lubrication systems require more than the occasional changing of a filter. When left unchecked, problems tend to show up at the least opportune times and can cost your company significant time and money.

If you find yourself in the fourth quarter with a budget surplus, consider replacing worn system parts or implementing preventative maintenance plans to help carry you through 2021. Sloan Lubrication Systems can ensure your reciprocating and rotary equipment has a healthy and productive new year.

Contact us today at 800-722-0250 or email us at to have our team help you to make optimal system performance a New Year’s resolution that you can keep.

Did You Know?
It is extremely critical for compressor and power cylinders to have a continuous flow of oil. Sloan’s Matt McCarthy outlines the appropriate formula to calculate flow rates and provides a troubleshooting checklist to ensure your cylinders have the optimal distribution of oil. Matt has it down to a science.

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