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New Quality Control Lab Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Quality Control Upholds Our Mission of Producing Quality Products In April 2015, Sloan Lubrication Systems unveiled a brand new Quality Control Lab that replaces its former quality control space. We perform inspections on incoming and manufactured parts at the lab to assure the quality of each component. At Sloan, we recognize that quality control (QC) is vital […]

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The Four Basic Components of a Sloan System

Our CEO, Walter R. Sloan says that “the simpler the system is, the more reliable it is,” because a simple system has fewer parts that could potentially fail.  When we custom build a lubrication system, we try to keep the components as simple as possible, so there is less upkeep to do. Each lubrication system […]

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Progression of Lubricator Technologies

When using advanced machinery, it’s important to have proper lubrication and in order to have proper lubrication, you need an automatically maintained system.  Automatic lubricators ensure that the correct amount of lubrication is applied to bearings at the right times. Without automation, workers manually service machinery which results in costly over and under lubrication.  At […]

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