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It’s About Science and Savings

At Sloan Lubrication Systems, we’re all about Tribology. TriCip is part TRIbology and part ReCIProcation. With Tricip, our team focused on designing a comprehensive solution that addresses the critical challenges of today’s pipelines. Reciprocating compressors require precise lubrication to maintain operations at peak efficiency. Delivering the exact amount of oil to your equipment maximizes performance and equipment longevity. A field-tested and proven technology, TriCip is a game changer when it comes to compressor lubrication.

TriCip reduces pigging, prevents inlet clogging, lowers oil usage and minimizes environmental impact. All of that equals, yes, you guessed it… massive savings. Your savings in oil is just a drop in the bucket with the TriCip Lubrication Solution.

Ready to improve your pipeline operations for all the right reasons? Learn more about the TriCip Lubrication Solution.

For the TriCip Specification Sheet, Click HERE.

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