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History Worth Repeating
This communication marks the first of a regular series of emails that you will be receiving from us. We promise to keep them short and to the point and share information that we hope you find useful and interesting. We want you to get to know our team better. Some are family members, many have been here almost their entire careers, and all of them are great people who have nothing but your best interest in mind.

After 98 years and four generations of Sloans, we have a lot to share with our clients, partners and friends. As we count down to our centennial, we know that we can’t rest on our laurels and must continue to innovate and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry, building on the wisdom and knowledge gathered over the many years in business.

And it all began in 1922 with Ralph, Paul, and (the first) Walter Sloan. These three brothers set the direction and established the culture for our company. The tradition was carried on by John Sloan (son of Walter) after WWII and Walter Sloan (grandson) in the 1970s. With Walter’s retirement, we’ve come full circle with three brothers, the fourth generation, assuming the helm of the company.

The challenges our industry is facing are unprecedented and evolving and Sloan Lubrication Systems is constantly innovating to help our customers stay ahead. We want you to be the first to know of any products or services that can help your business grow and operate more efficiently.

At the center of what we do is you. We want to thank you for nearly a century of support and trust in our products and people. We look forward to staying connected and hearing from you.

-Brian, CJ and Eric Sloan

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