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Rave Reviews from a Customer

You might be interested to read an excerpt from an email received just this morning from a long-time customer: Walter, as always it was good to talk to you yesterday.  I clicked on the “$1 per day” link at the end of your e-mail and read about the family history of Sloan Brothers.  It means […]

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Ro-Flo Compressors Recover Methane Gas

Well, we can’t exactly pipe individual cows, but we can recover methane from sewage treatment plants and landfills. A byproduct of nearly any organic decomposition, methane gas is being collected and used as fuel, providing huge savings in energy costs and helping clean up the atmosphere to boot. Ro-Flo rotary vane compressors are used to gather the […]

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Sloan Brothers Supports Rapidly Developing CNG Industry

Motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses – entire transportation systems can operate on CNG to transport goods and services, and CNG can also be used in heating, cooling and manufacturing. But – most developing countries do not have a network of distribution pipelines to carry the gas to where it is needed, nor can they afford to […]

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