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Meet the people who provide you with the most accurate and reliable total lubrication solutions available in today’s market:


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President & Chief Executive Officer

All things mechanical fascinate me: even as a child I assembled, disassembled, and fixed lawn mowers and go-carts, then moved onto cars, boats, and tractors. When I was eight, I rebuilt a lawn mower engine and constructed a go-cart with a belt drive on one rear wheel and steering controlled by my feet and some clothesline. The unwieldy contraption careened wildly, throwing me off, and then the weight of the engine stood it up on end where it circled maniacally until it ran out of gas in the neighbor’s prized perennials. This incident proved to me that I was willing to experiment but also willing to fail, and then fix what was wrong to reach an optimal design or product. These traits have stood me in good stead at the helm of Sloan Lubrication.

I trained as an architect at Penn State, and when I joined my father at the company in 1971 I used the design sense cultivated at college and the mechanical know-how cultivated throughout my childhood to ensure Sloan Lubrication avoided the mediocrity of “most products.” Many lubrication system components are designed for a short life span, manufactured inexpensively, and require frequent repairs or replacement. At Sloan, we refuse to accept that paradigm. We sell only the best possible lubrication products to our customers, and we now manufacture most of our own products to ensure the highest quality.



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Chief Financial Officer

My challenge as the CFO is to position Sloan Lubrication for continued growth while maintaining the friendliness and, even more importantly, the commitment of a family business whose name denotes four generations of dedication and knowledge.

I graduated from Kenyon College in 2008 with a degree in American Studies. I continued my education as an Entrepreneurial Fellow at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, University of Pittsburgh, and am currently a member of the Institute’s Peer Forum Program. I also completed an MBA Certificate Program at Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

My management knowledge, skills, and savvy will help reframe and streamline Sloan Lubrication’s business process, delineating clearly defined roles in every operational aspect and delivering as efficiently as possible the products and services our customers know and expect.

I am uniquely qualified to deal with the chaos engendered by a paradigm shift in business procedure at a family firm – despite, or perhaps because of, working side by side and every day with my two older brothers.



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Director of Research and Development, CTO

Following logically on my childhood obsession with Lego, I immersed myself in engineering, computers, robotics, and industrial design during my college years at Bucknell University. A self-designed major in Digital Multimedia (accompanied by art and computer science minors) enabled me to satisfy my curiosity surrounding all things technical and technological.

It turned out that my Lego experience – and other technical skills – led me to be the first son to join the Sloan team, immersing myself immediately in device invention and product innovation.

My first year at the company, I developed and patented a cycle indicator using magnets rather than the more typical and often fallible spring. Dovetailing nicely into my jack-of-all-trades ambitions, I also overhauled the company computer and communication systems, installing new machines, wiring, and software that helped organize our ordering and quoting processes. When Sloan started manufacturing our own parts, I rewrote the machine code, shaving more than two minutes off each production cycle, and streamlined our production processes.  My artistic eye for detail helps us make products that look terrific, putting Sloan products at the forefront of both performance and aesthetics.

I’m a geek AND a nerd, and despite the fact that I’d rather have the title of Mad Scientist than CTO, I hope to continue devising ongoing improvements in our lubrication system products and services.




Co-Manager, Outside Sales

Living in Oregon, I’m ideally positioned to service our growing customer base on the West Coast. Right now I cover an enormous sales territory by myself but look forward to expanding our customer base even further in the West and adding salespeople to help those customers in our typically thorough Sloan manner.

I worked in the manufacturing shop of Sloan for several years, learning about the manufacturing process from start to finish and then moving into shop management. This professional experience, combined with my fishing hobby, taught me the value of knowing how to work with your hands and equipped me with invaluable discipline and a keen attention to detail. I know firsthand that if you want a good end-product, you have to understand your materials and put in time and immeasurable effort to get it there. Getting hands-on is the only way to make that happen, in any arena – work or play.

When I moved West, I applied this work ethic to a new sales department of Sloan Lubrication – re-connecting with customers and re-establishing professional relationships with people who could benefit from Sloan Lubrication’s products and expertise. Extending our business into the West moves our company in the direction it needs and wants to go: forward. I still return to Pittsburgh occasionally – for meetings, presentations, and trainings – and because it’s home. But I am thrilled to be representing our company on the West Coast.



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Director of Human Resources

I started my business career in human resources, managing the HR department at Epicor Software and later at Alerio Corporation. I was honored as the American Business Women’s Association Woman of the Year 2005 and awarded a Kiwanis Leadership Award in 2007.

I worked on both coasts before returning to my hometown of Pittsburgh, joining my brother Walter at Sloan Lubrication in 2009 and implementing ERP software in our manufacturing division. ERP software helps business owners manage resources, ensuring efficient quoting, ordering, manufacturing, and shipping of products and services. Years of running HR departments and aptitude for integrating the human factor with business details prepared me for all facets of this task, and I tackled it wholeheartedly. I knew I could shepherd Sloan through its continued expected growth.

In addition, I make sure our plant and practices are compliant with all export, safety, and insurance standards.