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A Salute to Service

Message from Brian Sloan

I took some time over Labor Day weekend to reflect on a challenging and stressful 2020; on a summer that felt like it lasted 20 minutes; on the fact that my kids are growing up faster than I’d like, and also on my time at Sloan.

In 2008, I started full-time at Sloan Lubrication Systems as the company’s 15th employee. We just moved to Armstrong Drive in Freeport, PA, to support our strategic decision to manufacture our own critical components. That move enabled us to take our future into our own hands for the first time in Sloan’s nearly 90-year history.

My first job assignment was operating the honing machine, finishing bores and fitting pistons to divider blocks. The work was hard, repetitive and very demanding due to the focus and precision required to maintain the quality that defines Sloan. The hard work continued from the machine shop to production with cutting, welding and drilling and where I assembled parts and full systems like our Watchman. During my field experience, I worked alongside our installation and service crews, spending long, tiring and gratifying hours learning the ins and out of compressors, and attempting (unsuccessfully) to bend tubing as well as our field service techs.

Over time, I moved into sales and customer service and learned about building and maintaining relationships with our clients and stakeholders in the natural gas industry. Solving customers’ problems is at the core of what Sloan Lubrication Systems does, and you know what? It is hard work, too. But who cares? Everyone is working hard.

Sloan is constantly evolving, and we are now 50 people strong. We are hiring more every day.  Today, we have tasks and capabilities that did not exist when I started. I learned, from my early experience at the company, that the work is not easy.  When I walk around the building, I see a great team who is working extremely hard, and they are doing it better than I ever did. Because of our team’s extraordinary work ethic and collective dedication to excellent customer service, Sloan Lubrication Systems has grown into a world leader in the lubrication business. As I approach the end of my second year as CEO of Sloan Lubrication Systems, I want to take this moment to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude and to salute the Sloan team and every critical worker who has weighed risk, sacrificed, and worked hard to keep this country moving through the difficulties that 2020 has presented.

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