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4 Easy Ways to Revamp your Lubrication System

Today, the pressure is on to decrease demand on nonrenewable energy resources while continuing to increase operating profits. As a result, lubrication system owners are looking to put an emphasis on energy conservation.

But, what often is standing in the way of optimizing your lubrication system is…you. Achieving your lubrication system’s full potential is sometimes overlooked. However, updating your company’s lubrication system provides many cost-saving, green benefits.

By revamping your lubrication system, you’ll be helping your wallet – and the environment – with these benefits:lubricationsystemjpg

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Updating your lubrication system saves your business a ton of headaches. No more worrying about emergency repairs on an old system. You’ll also see a reduction in avoidable maintenance costs.

Reduced Lubrication Consumption

Most lubrication systems in use today over-lubricate the machines they serve. Excess oil delivery is wasteful at every step – from buying it, delivering it, and recovering it.

When lubrication consumption is reduced, the disposal of environmentally polluting waste and various suspended contaminants are reduced. Some of these contaminants may be toxic and hazardous. 

Performing regular audits on your lubrication system is the first step in recognizing when you need to update your lubrication system. Continuous audits keep a lubrication system working at optimum efficiency and delivering consistent, reliable results.

4 Ways to Update Your Lubrication System

from our President and CEO, Walter Sloan

  1. Reduce your lubrication system rates to optimum rates. You’ll save a lot of money in lubricant cost and hazardous material disposal.
  1. Reduce your lubrication rates to power cylinders to greatly reduce your exhaust emissions.
  1. Reduce your rates to compressor cylinders to help clean up your pipeline.
  1. Stop delivering rates that were recommended 30-40 years ago! Lubricant additives today allow for better lubrication at much lower rates.

Note: Don’t reduce lubrication rates using old systems that are five years or older. They were not designed for the lower rates and will not guarantee accurate delivery.

You need the most accurate delivery system to safely reduce your rates. And, that system can only be designed and supplied by Sloan Lubrication Systems.

Ask us to provide an assessment today and we’ll show you how fast the return on investment will benefit your bottom line.


Sloan Lubrication can design and custom-build a lubrication system that delivers continuous, accurate, and protected lubrication to your pumps and compressors, guaranteeing optimal performance with relatively minimal maintenance. Watch as we walk you through our lubrication system in this video:




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