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Sloan Lubrication: A Fourth Generation, Family-Owned Business

At Sloan, we pride ourselves on being the last name in lubrication systems.  Since 1922, we have been striving to innovate within the industry, while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

One of the driving forces behind this culture is our responsibility to each other as members of a tight knit, family-owned business.  For more than ninety years, between more than twenty family members and over four generations, Sloan has grown and excelled in the manufacturing of high performing lubrication systems.

We are committed to succeeding for our family members and for our team members who have become family.

The Original Sloans

It all began with three brothers: Paul, Ralph and Walter in 1922.  During this time, we were focused on lubricators used in heavy industry, steam-to-water heat exchanges, and steam traps.

The company was deeply cherished by the first Walter Sloan, as is evident from the twenty years of records he kept that the family still has today.  It was Walter’s children and grandchildren who carried on and evolved the family business.

The Second Generation

The second generation of Sloan Lubrication consisted of Walter’s son John and daughter Margaret.  With fresh minds onboard, we shifted our focus to the rapidly growing natural gas transmission industry.

John joined the company after his service in World War II and, like his father, worked as a traveling salesman selling lubrication equipment.  At this time, Sloan did not manufacture original hardware – orders were placed and sent to third party manufacturers.

The Third Generation

Today, it is John’s son, Walter II, at the helm of Sloan as our President and CEO.  As someone enthralled by all things mechanical since childhood, his induction into Sloan was virtually guaranteed.

Walter II joined the company in 1972, when the company only consisted of the first Walter Sloan, John Sloan and Margaret Sloan.  Since then, Walter II has achieved his vision of Sloan Lubrication being the original manufacturer of long lasting lubrication systems.

He is accompanied by his sister, Nancy, as the Director of Human Resources, an award winning businesswoman who has helped Sloan better manage resources.  She also ensures that the company is compliant with safety standards.

Both Nancy and Walter II not only sparked many of the incredible changes that Sloan Lubrication has seen over the years, but they also made sure the company is transitioning smoothly and efficiently to the next generation.

Stayed tuned to learn about Walter II’s sons, the fourth generation to own and operate Sloan Lubrication.

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