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Ro-Flo Compressors Recover Methane Gas

Well, we can’t exactly pipe individual cows, but we can recover methane from sewage treatment plants and landfills. A byproduct of nearly any organic decomposition, methane gas is being collected and used as fuel, providing huge savings in energy costs and helping clean up the atmosphere to boot.

Ro-Flo rotary vane compressors are used to gather the methane and pump it into a piping system to fuel electric generation or heating systems. These compressors require continuous lubrication in just the right amount. Too little and they fail – too much and the excess is carried into the fuel intake of downstream equipment.

Sloan Brothers SB-2000 Lubricators can do the job in smaller less critical operations, but where operation is critical, our Watchman Lubrication System provides protected oil delivery. For example, in landfills located in remote areas, the large tank capacity and electronic protection of the Watchman allows unattended and reliable operation for a month or more.

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