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New Quality Control Lab Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Quality Control Upholds Our Mission of Producing Quality Products

In April 2015, Sloan Lubrication Systems unveiled a brand new Quality Control Lab that replaces its former quality control space.

We perform inspections on incoming and manufactured parts at the lab to assure the quality of each component. At Sloan, we recognize that quality control (QC) is vital to building a successful business.

Quality control creates efficiency within a business. It minimizes waste and allows Sloan Lubrication to operate at high levels of productivity.

quality control labSloan Lubrication Systems has always taken the quality of our products seriously. Yet, this new 12’ x 19’ space replaces our smaller quality control area. The previous space wasn’t large enough to serve our needs. It couldn’t be controlled from temperature, wind, and humidity, either.

“There are many areas where the quality lab will benefit Sloan Lubrication Systems,” said Ryan LeFevere, Sloan Lubrication Systems quality control manager. “My confidence level has grown with regards to achieving accurate results when measuring our products and calibrating our tools.”

New and Improved Quality Control Lab Provides Benefits measuring quality control

To perform accurate dimensional inspections, the surrounding environment of the quality control lab needed to be controlled. Our previous QC lab was open to daily traffic and had many disadvantages including challenges with lighting, work surface layout, the granite table height, and no anti-fatigue mat.

Now, our quality control lab is temperature and humidity controlled.  This allows us to perform calibration on our measuring equipment. And, the lab now consists of two recently acquired granite surface plates, which provide plenty of room for a robust height gage and optical comparator.

While the environmental controls and space have changed – the quality control processes have not.

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