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A New Generation For Sloan Lubrication

In 2008 Sloan progressed from acting as a sales representative for other factories, to officially being a fully integrated manufacturer.  This major advancement is due in part to the hard work and brilliant minds of Walter II and his sister Nancy, as well as his sons: C.J., Brian and Eric.

Sloan Lubrication Systems was originally founded by three Sloan brothers and today it is being operated and managed by a new triple-threat of Sloan brothers.  These three brothers make up the fourth generation of Sloans to help the company prosper.

Brian SloanBrian Sloan

Brian Sloan serves as the Chief Financial Officer.  He helps Sloan become a more efficient company, while still upholding the values of a family business.

Brian graduated from Kenyon College in 2008, then continued his education in entrepreneurship.  Brian earned an MBA from Eberly College of Business and Information Technology.  His extensive educational background makes him the perfect leader to guide Sloan Lubrication through major changes.

C.J. SloanCJ Sloan

C.J. Sloan, the Vice President of Research and Design, came to Sloan in 2003.  He studied at Bucknell University as a self-designed major in Digital Multimedia, to satisfy his eye for design and passion for creating things.

C.J. considers himself a “mad scientist,” and we agree.  In just his first year at Sloan, he patented a cycle indicator completely new to the industry.  He also optimized the Sloan computer systems and production processes.

To hear more about the Sloan family and their aspirations for Sloan Lubrication, listen to the Pittsburgh Technology Council interview with CJ and Walter II.

Eric Sloan

Living in Portland, Oregon puts Eric Sloan, Co-Manager of Outside Sales, in the perfect position to create a customer base on the West Coast.  He expertly (and single-handedly for now) covers a large geographic area. In the effort to drive Sloan Lubrication Systems’ development forward, he may be looking to hire additional sales people soon.

Before moving into sales, Eric worked in the manufacturing shop of Sloan Lubrication for several years.  He knows the ins and outs of the manufacturing process, which makes him the perfect person to talk to about Sloan products.

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