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The Four Basic Components of a Sloan System

Our CEO, Walter R. Sloan says that “the simpler the system is, the more reliable it is,” because a simple system has fewer parts that could potentially fail.  When we custom build a lubrication system, we try to keep the components as simple as possible, so there is less upkeep to do.

Each lubrication system is comprised of four basic components: an oil tank, pump, divider block and terminal check valves.  In a Sloan system, each of these components is made and tested for quality by our team of experts.

When commercially available parts for lubrication systems proved unsuitable, Sloan Lubrication began designing its very own system made with these four parts, called the Watchman.  The first prototype for the Watchman was made by John Sloan for Alcoa in 1975.

Everything about our Watchman System is optimized for performance, ease of use and safety, to meet client needs:

  1. Oil Supplies – Quite simply, the oil tank is what holds the lubricant. But even the most simple parts deserves attention to be sure that they are upgraded to the highest standards.  This is why Sloan lowered our oil tank for easier filling.
  2. Pumps – Pumps are considered the heart of a lubrication system; they keep lubricant flowing through your system. At Sloan, we offer pumps with various piston sizes and operating speeds.  We also dropped the pump lower on our system in order to put the control panel in a higher, more accessible position.
  3. Divider Blocks – If pumps are the heart of a lubrication system, divider blocks are the arteries. These devices ensure that pump flow is only being distributed to one piston at a time.  At Sloan Lubrication Systems, we custom build divider blocks with individually replaceable piston sections to meet our clients’ needs.
  4. Terminal Check Valves – In a Sloan system, there is a check valve at each step where oil is moved, so the oil stays where it is applied. We go to special measures to ensure each valve is securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about a malfunctioning system.

We always use the highest quality materials in the construction of our lubrication systems. The components of our exclusive Watchman System are pre-assembled into one package, for the convenience of our clients.

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