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A brewery requires lots of refrigeration. Stand next to a bottle or can filling line someday – they are filled and topped faster than the eye can see. Special forklifts load trailer trucks with perfect-sized pallets that fill the trailer wall to wall and floor to ceiling, and the trucks can hardly be loaded fast enough to keep up.

Up to five Clark CLRA two- and four-cylinder reciprocating ammonia compressors provide the refrigerating horsepower required by each brewery, and they have to be ready to run continuously when needed. That means they need to be properly lubricated – which is where Sloan Brothers’ Watchman Lubrication System comes in.

In the “old days”, mechanical lubricators were used. They had to be filled regularly by hand, were difficult to adjust, and impossible to protect. Over-lubrication was common, contaminating the ammonia receivers. Lubrication failure was disastrous. If the compressor failed due to lack of lubrication, imagine how much beer could be lost!

Our Watchman systems provide accurate and protected oil delivery, thus eliminating compressor failure due to lubrication problems, and saving thousands of gallons of beer daily. We’re proud of that!

Anheuser-Busch (InBev) breweries in Columbus, Williamsburg, Jacksonville, and New Hampshire have trusted Watchman systems since as long ago as 1984. Cheers!

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