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Update Your Lubrication System & Stay Safe

Why It’s Important to Update Your System Lubrication system updates and maintenance upkeep is your best insurance – it’s a low premium cost versus the high cost of compressor failure and process stoppage. Sloan Lubrication is working hard every day to build safe and reliable lubricators. Maintaining your lubrication system so it remains in tip-top […]

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Sloan Nominated for 2015 Pittsburgh Family Business Award

Sloan Lubrication Systems is proud to announce their nomination and entrance into the final round of the 2015 Pittsburgh Family Business Award. In its first year, the 2015 Pittsburgh Family Business Award seeks to honor multi-generational family-owned businesses in the Western Pennsylvania region. The award aspires to provide recognition for family businesses based on “overall […]

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The Four Basic Components of a Sloan System

Our CEO, Walter R. Sloan says that “the simpler the system is, the more reliable it is,” because a simple system has fewer parts that could potentially fail.  When we custom build a lubrication system, we try to keep the components as simple as possible, so there is less upkeep to do. Each lubrication system […]

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