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the Revolution

TriCip: The revolutionary new product that combines a brand-new lubricant, with a brand-new delivery system, effectively reducing consumption rates by over 90%.
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We Know

Lubrication Systems

Whether you need an entire new system or just a component or two, Sloan can help you decide what works best for your application.

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What Do

You Need?

Pumps, filters, divider blocks, monitors, check valves – whether you need one of these, some of these, or all of these, Sloan quickly gets your system complete & working.

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Sloan is

Here for You

If you have a lubrication emergency, contact us right away! We will fix your problem AND help you figure out how to prevent a disaster from happening ever again.

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Your Best Choice!

If you know lubrication systems, you know Sloan. We have been dealing with lubrication systems for almost 100 years & we are the first choice of compressor professionals worldwide.



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How Big is a Drop of Oil ?

(This is one we get all the time.)

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